The Web Development Process Inside a Web Design Company

Designing a website requires more knowledge than a good grasp of design principles and basic programming knowledge. Complex scripts, original layouts, the need to develop a framework and strategize marketing are all diverse components that a Halifax web design company, like Websavers, can assist you with. A detailed design plan can speed up the web development process, adjust to the stipulated time frame and focus on website maintenance even after the website is launched. There are some common phases in the web development process, and knowing what those are before approaching a web design company can help you understand exactly what you should expect. What is the web development process inside a web design company like?

Planning phase

The first step, and the most important in preparation and setting the groundwork for website development. A web design company, like Websavers in Halifax, would require detailed information on your ideas for what your website could become. After understanding exactly what your requirements are, a web design company would draw up a Project Charter or a similar document. These lists all the sections and functionality of your website that is agreed to between the company and the client. The Project Charter serves as guidelines for the project.

During this stage, there is a need to obtain access to the client’s server. Information such as FTP Host, username and password, languages and frameworks and configuring the database are all obtained. Finally, the web design company will draft a contract that properly defines what the Company is responsible for. Copyright agreements, payment and timeline are all drafted here. The final phase before starting the next stage is checking for software and programming languages. Sub-contractors, additional software and design are all decided during this phase.


The design process either looks at mockup layouts and designs that are tested until approved by both the client and the design company, or the design firm has been contracted to create a singular best design for the company at a lower price. If the former is true, then after building an initial wireframe, mock-ups are made using software like Photoshop to give visual clarity to the conceptualization process. Once the design has been approved by the client, it is time to start coding. XHTML and CSS are commonly used to build websites, while JQuery is used to introduce interactive elements into the website. WordPress is often used as a back-end so the client can easily updat etheir website content after the development is completed.

Content Creation

The content is the single most important part of the website and needs to be carefully loaded then designed around. Content creation is often up to the client to put together, but can also be managed for them via copy writers.


Building an initial framework allows a web design company to set up the basic engine and get it running. A server that has its engines running can better handle installation and setup later. Individual webpages need to be coded after they are filled with content. Interactive elements designed to improve user experience are also introduced during this stage.

Going live

After ensuring all the components are functioning as they should, it is time to take the website online. Testing during the development process, ensuring full site functionality and cross checking across various browsers all happen before the website goes online.

Specific development phases in each web design company (whether Halifax or elsewhere) may be different, but all feature the same sample guidelines on how to build and develop and website.

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